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2 nieuwe projecten in Omar

05/15/2006 SUEZ Energy International successfully starts up two projects in the Middle East

Beginning of May, SUEZ Energy International, a division of SUEZ succeeded in delivering early power for Sohar in Oman and Al Ezzel in Bahrain. The two projects, acquired mid 2004, were developed on a tight construction schedule, with works started after achieving financial close in November 2004 and a first operational phase ready by end of April 2006.

The Sohar Independent Power and Water project consists of a 585 MW Combined Cycle Turbine plant and a 33 million imperial gallons a day (6125 cubic meters per hour) water desalination plant. Since April, the plant already provides 360 MW of power to meet the growing energy demand in Oman. The installation will be at full capacity on April 1st 2007. The project is owned by SUEZ (50%) and five local Omani partners.

Al Ezzel, the first Independent Power Producer of the privatization programme of the Bahrain Government delivers 470 MW of electricity since April 30th. The project – which is owned by SUEZ Energy International (45%), Gulf Investment Corporation (45%) and the Pension Fund Commission of the Kingdom of Bahrain (10%) – will bring its full output of 950 MW to the growing economy of Bahrain on May 1st 2007.

Marc Josz, Regional Manager of SUEZ Energy Middle East Asia: “The timely start-up of these 2 projects confirm SUEZ’s reputation as a leading international developer and operator of power assets, expert at developing and managing the construction and start-up of sizeable complex projects in a very short time. With the acquisition of Al Hidd early this year and upcoming bids in the region, the Middle East has become a unique stronghold in a promising market and SUEZ Energy International has created a sustainable competitive advantage in this promising market.

Dirk Beeuwsaert, CEO of SUEZ Energy International : “We feel it is of utmost importance to be firmly present in the Middle East. The region is one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world resulting from a steep development of industrial projects and ambitious real estate ventures. Local energy demand forecasts from 2008 to 2013 show an impressive upward curve with more growth to come. “

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dubbel belast

Is er al een oplossing voor de dubbele belastig op dit div?

tijdstip:2006.04.30 - 23h27m11

Suez - Gaz de France gaan fuseren.
Vandaag werd dit bekendgemaakt.

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